Authentic Thai Cookery School in London

  Chaisaeng the teacher

Lamai: Authentic Thai Cookery School is London based and currently holds classes in professional kitchens in SE1, NW5, and Crouch End.

The school aims to promote the art and science of Thai cuisine.  Whether you are an inexperienced cook, or just want to broaden your existing culinary skills, Lamai Cookery School has a course tailored for you.


Tips and techniques that have been passed down through the generations are revealed at all of our cookery courses.

  Thai Meal

What we do:


        Straight forward Thai Cooking lessons

        Thai Cookery Courses with Wine tasting events

        Thai Cookery Lessons with Food/Nutrition/Health promotion games.

All courses are suitable for Corporate days out/ hospitality and team building.


Please download a brochure.

Our courses: All courses have been developed by Chaisaeng, the proprietor of Lamai: Authentic Thai Cookery School.

Current courses:

Introduction I: Thai Green Curry with Chicken, Pad Thai with prawn, and Thai Spicy Green Papaya salad.

Thai Street Food I: Thai Spicy beef salad, Thai street noodle, Thai herb salad.


Comments from our clients:

Babs van Gilst(VG-Consulting.com) said:

"Chai's cooking course is great and can definitely be recommended.  She is informal and relaxed which encourages questions and puts novice cooks at ease. She starts with an explanation of the Thai ingredients and their importance in Thai cooking and then takes you through how to cook a number of dishes.  All participants get hands on experience without having to spend an entire morning chopping.  And the best thing is that you get to eat the fruit of your results!"


Heather Darnell (Ask-the-Boss) said:

"We had such a great time both preparing and eating the food we made that we all rushed home to try it ourselves the very next week!  I also loved learning about some of the history of Thai food and its ingredients.  I would recommend this course to anyone who loves cooking or even just eating great Thai food!"




Chaisaeng was born and raised in Bangkok where she was trained in her motherís restaurant.  She took time off to study to Masters degree level and work both in Science (Thailand) and Business Information Technology (London, UK), before returning to cookery to fulfil her passion of cooking, and teaching.

To add value to her Thai cookery courses, Chaisaeng has gone back to college again to study Nutrition/ Health/ Lifestyle on a MSc course (part-time) in London.

See photos of our workshops on Flickr:

Thai New Year cookery event
Thai New Year cookery event
Cabinet office awayday 2
Cabinet office awayday 2

Contact us on:

Tel: 07973 930243 Or 020 8347 8457

Email: thai_foodie@lamaithaicooking.co.uk


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